Allotments & List Update

Published: 18 January 2021

Dear Resident,

Thank you for your continued interest and enquiries regarding the future Allotments in the village, and for providing your site preferences and contact details.

As of today, (January 14th) we have decided to close the waiting list to allow effective management of the list in preparation for plot allocation.

All those that have made recent enquiries are on the list, however, at this stage we cannot guarantee everyone will get a plot and to their preference.

In due course, we will allocate plots using a fair policy as per the position on the Waiting List.

Work on both Allotment sites continues prior to handover to HDC, and ultimately, on completion to BBHPC.

We will continue our preparation work for this handover, and as soon as we have any news or progress updates, we will share this with you and the community.


Kind regards,