The Parish Council receives, from the planning authority, details of planning applications within the parish boundaries as a consultee. Responses are collated and either agreed at Parish Council meetings, or via delegations, and submitted back to the planning authority. Details are logged in the below spreadsheet (updated monthly).

Click HERE to view log of Broadbridge Heath Parish Council responses to planning application consultations 2023 

Last updated 27.09.2023

(Amber coloured entries are status open, green entries are previously approved responses)

For more information on planning and to search planning applications on HDC Planning Portal, please use the link below:
To search planning applications on WSCC Planning Portal please use this link:



Tree Preservation Orders - TPOs
For details of trees with Tree Preservation Orders, please contact the Parish Clerk. 


If you see surgery being carried out to a tree that you suspect has a TPO, please contact the Parish Clerk immediately or the Arboriculturalist at Horsham District Council on 01403 215515.

DC/23/1133 - Broadbridge Retail Park

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