Wildflower Area Maintenance

Published: 11 October 2021

After the sowing of seed last Autumn, this year saw the first growth of wildflowers in the two wildflower areas at the downgraded bypass. With consent from WSCC, our Grass Contractor has regularly maintained a margin around the perimeter of the area and cut a winding path through the wildflowers. We know the path and flowers have been enjoyed by residents with many butterflies and other insects, birds and even a slow worm, being spotted!

The area will soon have a hard cut and the vegetation will be removed. This will be done before the vegetation gets too wet and battered by the Autumn weather, which makes it harder to cut and remove. The cut vegetation is removed to avoid a build-up of nutrients in the soil as wildflowers grow best in poor soil and without the competition from rank grasses.

The sowing of wildflower seeds in this area was a first for BBHPC; thank you to David Bridges for his continued support and to the Wilder Horsham District Project for their advice.