HGV's Update

Published: 14 December 2020

Dear Residents,

We are aware of considerable feedback over the disruption and damage caused by HGVs repeatedly ignoring the new road signage and entering the Wickhurst Green development along the old by-pass. We have been in discussions with your local ward councillors and representatives from HDC and WSCC over the last weeks and months to try and find an appropriate solution, and all parties are working hard on this. The issue is caused by HGV drivers not having up-to-date satnav systems that show this road is not a through-route. We have explored options including re-closing the road for a temporary period or introducing build-outs to deter HGVs however these options would either cause excessive disruption to residents or be ineffective to those HGV drivers who clearly persist in trying to follow their satnavs. Other options include prohibiting HGVs altogether from the area.

Unfortunately it may take several months before any solution is in place as any works will be required to pass through formal Highway Authority channels and consultation. In the meantime the opening of the bus link has provided opportunity for some HGV drivers to use it as an ‘escape route’ however we appreciate other HGV drivers are still getting stuck along Sargent Way. We are also monitoring the numbers of cars that are abusing the bus link, are reporting offenses via Operation Crackdown and have engaged with our local PCSO to patrol this area routinely.

In respect of the remaining works on the Wickhurst Green development, we have been working closely with HDC and Countryside and are happy to say that these are now nearing completion, with all remaining open spaces and the allotments to be complete around the end of January, ready for transfer to the Parish Council. Land preparation work is also now being carried out on the school site to enable WSCC to take ownership and the DfE to provide a primary school. A formal application for the school is expected in due course.

Broadbridge Heath Parish Council