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Parish Plan Front CoverParish Plan 2004

“…the Parish Plan process is a means by which the whole community can voice their opinions on what actions they wish to see taken in their local area in the future. When the plan is completed it may highlight actions that can be taken by community members, be used to influence councils and service providers, and act as justification of need when applying for funding.”

The last 'Plan' for Broadbridge Heath follow:

Having collected the views of the village, the Steering Committee produced an Action Plan to address concerns expressed about development, policing, traffic, environment and local amenities. The Action Plan was published in the Christmas 2004 Village Magazine. Further copies of the Action Plan, the complete Parish Plan Report and other information can be downloaded from the links below:

Parish Plan - Report
Appendix 1 - Action Plan
Appendix 2 - Questionnaire
Appendix 3 - Analyses of Questionnaires
Appendix 4 - Comments from Have Your Say Fun Day
Appendix 5 - Press Articles