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Council Regulations

The documents listed below are available for you to consult. You may download them or may open them directly in your browser by clicking on the document title.

Standing Orders
The Standing Orders regulate the way in which the Council conducts its business. Parts of the Standing Orders are mandatory and are laid down by Acts of Parliament, whereas others are adopted voluntarily to assist in the formal running of the Council's affairs. The Standing Orders are largely taken from a nationally published set of Model Standing Orders.  To view the Standing Orders click here.

Financial Regulations
The Financial Regulations govern the conduct of the financial transactions of the Council.  To view the Financial Regulations click here.

Complaints Procedure

Click here for the Complaints Procedure adopted in September 2018. 


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Councillor Regulations

Terms of Office
Extracts from the Local Government Act 1972 specifying the legal qualifications and disqualifications for holding office as a parish councillor.

Click here to view the extract from LGA 1972.

Parish Councillor Application Form
Form for completion by anyone offering themselves for co-option as a parish councillor when there is a vacancy.

Click here to view the application form, then select print to print a copy for completion by hand.

Declaration of Acceptance of Office
Declaration required to be signed by every councillor prior to taking up office as a councillor (whether by election or by co-option).

Members Code of Conduct & Register of Members Interests
Code of Members' Conduct adopted May 2015 which all parish councillors are legally required to observe.  Click here to see the code